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John, May 3, 2014.

My name is John David Brookins and I am suffering from the loss of liberty, freedom of speech, and the pursuit of happiness. I am an innocent man who has been wrongly accused of the homicide of Sheila Irene Ginsberg. I sit imprisoned for this crime when the known perpetrator openly bragged about committing this horrible act. I have been imprisoned for over 20 years. The DA’s office and the detectives who investigated this case know all too well that I did not kill anyone. To those who love me, I am a son, brother, father, uncle, and grandfather.

The Pennsylvania State and Federal Courts refuse to review the affidavits and evidence that prove my innocence because it incriminates the Bristol Township P.D. and Bucks County Detective Department. The courts are doing everything in their power and influence to protect corrupt police officers and detectives that had a physical relationship with the known perpetrator.

During my imprisonment, I have received a diploma from Penn State College of Horticulture. To keep my sanity I continue to expand my education as a natural health consultant, fitness & nutritionist expert, physical therapy aide, PNF stretch expert, drug & alcohol specialist, in quantum touch, massage therapy, relaxation therapy, and legal assistance. I have also been involved in many other educational programs/studies.

While in prison I have created/designed senior, fat burner, and wellness and sport conditioning fitness classes. I have also created/designed fitness events for the Gray Panthers Organization. These are longer standing classes that are supported by staff and residents. In addition, I am 1st Chairman of the NAACP Health & Wellness Committee. I have perfected a new wellness system called Omega Crush Systems that hundreds of people have benefited from for years.

I have lost out on sharing a number of memorable events with my family. I have faith that the following facts of my case will shed light on an egregiously corrupt justice system, and inspire you to join me in lending a helping hand to aggressively fight not only this injustice but to stop the threats of corruption.

You can help by donating to my legal fundraiser and signing my petition to fight this unjust system. The facts of the case can be found here. If you would like to review omitted appendix’s please write me at:

Smart Communications/PA DOC
SCI Phoenix
John Brookins BW7444
P.O. Box 33028
St. Petersburg, FL 33733

Any response must be in an all white envelope. I am grateful for your time and attention. Thank you!

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  1. This is Crystal R. Williams, John D Brookins, I support you all the way, However, to fight injustice and corruption and knowing that the majority are white is a long and hard fight, but I feel you should be heard about your wrongly imprisonment it is to many people that are in the system accused that are innocence. John D. Brookins you are a wonderful person and i look forward in helping you in any way that I can. take care of yourself and i’am hoping to see you soon love you.


  2. Please help to free an innocent man! Imagine spending 20+ years behind bars for something that you did not do! While still rising above all the injustice and loss of freedom to become an outstanding individual, capable and willing to not only help himself , but to all those around him! John has achieved so much during his incarceration and remains a humbled and positive individual… not allowing the system to break him down! This is the kind Of man we need out in the free world, helping our young troubled youth, while exposing the police brutality and corruption did still exists today!!

    Please read his story and Please donate what he can do his cause! Mr. Brookins, on a daily basis, maintains many classes and programs specifically designed for health and wellness. He mails informative and instructional literature to those that reach out to him! He stays busy with programs geared towards higher education, achieving a sound, mind and spirit for both those incarcerated and outside those prison walls! He has survived and Overachieved while staying committed to helping others! Please reach out to “Johnny” and support this long overdue injustice in any way you can!


  3. I wish you all the best I would recommend going back to theveryone indictments and challenging the indictments you have to look at probable cause and clerk minutes and criminal procedure and PA statutes case law and federal constitution


  4. Im a long time friend of John Brookins, whom I will always consider a true friend and brother. this man is one of the most unselfish persons ive ever met. I know his cause and his case is so ridiculous, the officals has benefited on locking him away. Ive had the priviledge of being at one of his hearings and it was a forest full of smoke from the DAs office. Our justice system has a blind. eye and justice is not for the innocent. they (justice system) says it would better to let every one free than to keep one innocent man imprison. my question is why is Mr. Brrookins still behind bars. our Goverment says its to protect and serve yet more and more innocent men and women are seen by todays technology ie. face book twitter and personal camaeras show the brutality our justice system provides.This is not a color thing its right and wrong, and WRONG is keeping this innocent man behind bars. theyd rather let people out like MUDMAN SIMON out to kill a police officer to cover thier wrong. Just to say see, told you so. Creating laws to keep good citizens deprived of ,Freedom of speech and the pusuit of happiness. Its easy for those with bagages guns, with DAs who will do anything to keep thier comfortable places. they are selling souls for profit. And John is one of those souls.He ,John was given a kangaroo court from the begining and only those who seek true justice can make a change. Im praying for John and i will foerver be brother in arms with and for him.its long over due for all who have waited for change to say STOP INJUSTICE, STOP CRIMES against our fellow citizens. what do we want Justice when do we want it NOW…… HELP FREE AN INNOCENT MAN. FREE JOHN BROOKINS.


  5. Melvin: We thank you for your comments regarding John . There is a link called: change.org.
    Please go to the Internet and type in: change.org
    Then search or type in:
    John D Brookins

    You will then see the opportunity to signed a petition and also make comments regarding John’s situation .

    Ultimately the goal is to get as many signatures as possible so that the petition couldn’t reach the Attorney General of the state of Pennsylvania and the Governors office.

    Our prayer is that one day this case and the fax will finally come to light !

    John is an amazing human being and has endured so much hardship sorrow and sadness but he has not allowed this situation to overtake him !

    True justice will prevail!

    God bless you and please continue to share John story with your friends and family as well !

    Karen Mills

    Ps email me at karenlmills1127@msn.com

    Kindly send me your address and phone number once again thank you!

    God Bless You!


  6. i have read and done a short study on MR. Brookins and I also believe there has been a grave injustice committed without checks and balances fo those who prosecuted him. this young man should has some act of justice.


    1. Thank you Keith:

      Appreciate your input. Should you be able to share with friends and family to also log onto change.org and search for John d brookins… sign Peyton and also share.

      This case needs exposure and persons to bring to the attention of Justice Department, Governor and Attorney General.

      Karen Mills


  7. Never stop fighting for your freedom!! What needs to be done is bringing media awareness to your case.. the more people that you can elicit to make noise to all those who will and even will not listen..in efforts to make them uncomfortable!! The more uncomfortable they are the more they are forced to act.. this is my advice to a brother behind the wall unjustly
    Peace and Blessings


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